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"The Magic Box"

The Magic Box--Poems from a 4th grade class


On June 15, 2006, Miss M. allowed me to present a poetry workshop to her 4th grade class.  I used an exercise from Poetry Class called ‘The Magic Box.’  

Children were invited to create a magical box in which to put dreams, wishes, fears, adventures, or something else of their own choosing.  We used the format presented in the example poem on the website by poet and children’s author Kit Wright. “The Adventure Box” is my attempt at the exercise.  

The poems that emerged from the afternoon were themselves magical.  They transported me to places of dreams and fears, the jungle, a rainforest, a baseball diamond, exotic adventures, and everyday beauty.  Some children even decided to write about ‘silly boxes’, using imaginary creatures and invented words.  

When they stood up in front of the class to share their work, I had to keep reminding myself that these were nine and ten year olds.   The work speaks for itself.  Bravo to all the poets!

 ~Lisa Janice Cohen, June 2006  

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