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Links of Interest

Wild Poetry Forum  A wonderful site full of giving and gifted poets.  I am grateful for the gift of their time, encouragement and critique.  Thank you, wild poets.  My voice is stronger because of you.

The TS Eliot Hyperpoem  Spearheaded by Gary Blankenship.  

Amaze:The Cinquain Journal  Online and print magazine, devoted to cinquains.  Editor: Deborah Kolodji (webmaster, yours truly!)

Ezines published by Denis Garrison, including Haiku Harvest and Gunpowder River Poetry.  

Gumball Poetry  An online literary magazine as well as a concept: poetry distributed in gumball machines.  Very cool look to the site with very polished writing.  Art and sculpture are also featured.  

Mindfire Renewed and Fireweed:  2 wonderful e-zines edited by Gary Blankenship

Magnetic poetry kits:online  From the creators of those cool fridge magnets, now you can create poetry virtually with their different kits.

Shakespearian poetry tiles  Create a masterpiece with words of Shakespeare.  

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