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"The Magic Box"

Blue Muse Poetry


Welcome to my poetry website.  I hope you enjoy your stay here.  I appreciate comments and suggestions about my work or about the site.  Feel free to email me:



Most of the poems on this site represent my older work.  Some newer poetry along with snippets from novels in progress can be found on my blog:  Once in a Blue Muse.   

My writing gateway site can be found at www.ljcohen.net

All the work contained on this site is original, written by me (unless specified) and under copyright.  

All rights reserved.

Lisa Janice Cohen

A Poet's Update: June 2007

I am currently working on my forth novel, "Heal Thyself," a fantasy described here.  "The House of Many Doors" is currently being read on a requested full by an agent.  I am continuing to edit "MindBlind."


You can often find me reading and critiquing poetry at Wild Poetry Forum where I am the head moderator, or learning with my novel critique group at Forward Motion for Writers.



A Poet's Update: February 2007

I have just completed my third novel, "The House of Many Doors," a young adult horror story.  

"MindBlind," a sci fi/medical thriller is in the final editing phase as I prepare queries.

"The Wings of Winter," an epic fantasy novel is on the back burner, awaiting reconfiguration into a young adult project.


A Poet's Update:July, 2006

I am 3/4 through my second novel, "MindBlind" and continuing to pursue agent representation for "The Wings of Winter."

Interested in writing poetry with children?  Take a look at "The Magic Box" project, with original poetry by a group of 4th graders (9 and 10 year olds) in our local elementary school.

Publication News:

Poets Gone Wild: An Internet Anthology
by Wild Poetry Forum Poets
edited by Jim Doss, Lisa Janice Cohen, Carole Barley, Lisa Megraw

This book available for purchase here.


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